Dariota Connects the Tangle with GPS/geolocation.

Read and Write Data at a Location Near You.

Change Location for Read/Write.

Pin Data to Locations

Dariota Map

How it Works

Dariota maps latitude and longitude coordinates to IOTA addresses. This means Dariota data stored in the Tangle can be queried using a GPS or html5 location api. Additional metadata (like message type, time expiration and payout address) can also be stored inside the Dariota transaction. This broadens the utility of the overall system. For complete details, see the github repo specification.

Use Cases

  • Chat Messages at a Location
  • Virtual Tours with Pinned Facts
  • Supply Chain Tracking of Products
  • Yelp-Like Reviews of Businesses
  • Real Estate Info about Houses
  • AR Games Like Pokemon Go
  • Traffic or Accident Information
  • Fleet Management Tracking
  • Location Based-Advertising
  • Yard Sale Item Descriptions
  • AirBnb-Like Reviews of Hosts
  • Meetups and Networking Events
  • Many More. Use Your Imagination

Read Data Demo:

Read Demo

Write Data Demo:

Write Demo


Get paid for your data by attaching a payment account. For example, post a traffic accident and people can pay for your helpful data.


Accounts are optional and guard against IOTA address reuse. If you don't want an account, you can still include a payment address.


When reading data, you can filter the displayed results by factors like geographic radius, message type, and time expiration.


[Experimental]. You can pay to have any posted data stored for a certain time period to prevent snapshot deletion.


Posted data can be upvoted. This provides another measure of quality and a possible future filtering criteria.


You can view replies to a posted data point. This is particularly important for chat messages or questions.

Question: What is Dariota?

Answer: Dariota enables geolocation on the Tangle. You can read or write data at a specific location using latitude-longitude coordinates.

Question: What does Dariota stand for?

Answer: "D"ecentralized "A"ugmented "R"eality with "IOTA".

Question: Why are there no results at my location?

Answer: No one has posted data within the geographic radius of your search.

Question: What result set is available at my location?

Answer: Only results within the size of a small city (or about 11km2) are returned.

Question: Can I change my location?

Answer: Yes. Just change the latitude-longitude coordinates used by Dariota.

Question: Can I query all IOTA data (not just Dariota data) in the Tangle for geolocation?

Answer: Only data that has been posted in the Dariota format can be queried. So a generic payment transfer is outside of Dariota and won't be returned.

Question: How do I hook up Dariota to my GPS system?

Answer: The easiest way is to use the GPS in a smartphone. Dariota just requires latitude-longitude coordinates and the internet, so if you can output these coordinates, you can use Dariota.

Question: Can I get paid for posting data?

Answer: Yes. But only if someone finds your data valuable enough to pay you. You may get paid nothing.

Question: What's the best way to get paid for my data?

Answer: Try different things. You can offer some data for free and include a message that if people pay, you'll provide more. You can encrypt the data and include a message saying you'll post the decrypted data if people pay. Etc.

Question: Do I have to pay to read data?

Answer: No. The data is publicly available in the Tangle for anyone to read or use.

Question: What happens to the data during a snapshot?

Answer: Data gets deleted. Dariota has an experimental pay-for-storage feature that can keep items through snapshots. Currently, this feature is just for a certain period of storage. It's not forever.

Question: Can I store data myself?

Answer: Not through the current Dariota interface. You could, however, replicate the data yourself from the Tangle.

Question: I posted data and don't see it in the results?

Answer: If you've waited 10 minutes and your data is not in the Tangle, try reposting. There may have been an error during the transaction.

Question: How long does it take to see my data in the Tangle?

Answer: It takes up to 10 minutes because Proof of Work is required. Data is not instantly available.

Question: Do I have to create an account?

Answer: No. It's optional.

Question: What if I don't include an account or payment address?

Answer: That's your choice. If so, a Dariota account will be used instead to help support the cost of running Dariota.

Question: How long does it take for my account to be active?

Answer: It can take up to 24 hours. It's not instantaneous. So if you need immediate payment, include an IOTA address with the transaction to override the account.

Question: Can I develop software on top of Dariota?

Answer: Yes. The data is in the Tangle and can be used by other developers to create their own mapping applications.

Question: Is the code open source?

Answer: Yes. It's on github here.

Question: What coins are supported?

Answer: Currently, just IOTA.